{ The Classic } Stripes + Denim

Hello everyone! Sorry for my (sort of) hiatus! It’s been a busy past few months with finals and moving back in. I’m still not completely put back together and I don’t know where half of my things are, but it’s all fine! lol. It is going to take a while to have my room back in pristine condition.


Today, I am sharing with you such a simple pairing that can get you through any moment in life: stripes and denim! I am striped obsessed. I literally could not tell you how many striped t-shirts I own. So simple, they never go out of style! For this look, I have my trusty short sleeve top paired with a pair of high waisted jeans with a flare cut. I snagged these comfy jeans at American Eagle for only $20! They aren’t as flare as i wish they were, but they get the job done. In the outfit details below, I tagged a pair that are very similar and under $30.


My top and cute little neck tie are also both from American Eagle. The striped top is a soft and sexy tee, a.k.a. the best t-shirts to ever exist!! If i could only live in one shirt for the rest of my life, it would be any from this collection. I promise you, you will not be disappointed from these tees. I have it tied in a knot at the waist to create a little more shape, but this top is just as cute when worn normally. This particular one is cut shorter than most in the collection, allowing it to be worn as the perfect crop top.


IMG_0186xxx.jpgI found the shoes online a while back, but they have since sold out so I have tagged some styles very similar in the outfit details below. They lace up and have a small heel to give you a little height, yet still be comfortable. Leather rhinestone bracelet is also from American Eagle. Also with this look, I have my army green and lace jacket. This cargo jacket is light weight enough that it can be worn in the summer on cooler nights. I found it at Francesca’s last year for about $56, but I have a few similar looks tagged below.

Outfit Details: 

Soft & Sexy Tee: Similar | High-Waisted Jeans: American Eagle | Army Green Jacket: Similar | Lace-up Heels: Similar & Similar | Red Bandana: American Eagle 


I hope you guys all have a bright summer filled with all sorts of fun! Keep up with my summer through my social media pages.

Instagram: @ashlynboyd3

Facebook: Blessed + Fabulous

What kind of outfit inspiration are you searching for? What can I do to improve the overall quality of my site? Leave me a comment below!

As always,

Stay Blessed and Fabulous


Ashlyn Ivey

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